Our vision is to be the industry's leading provider of drone detection and management systems that meet each unique market need no matter the size.

The remote vehicle market is currently exploding. Every company in the news today has some interest or activity in UAV's - not to mention the consumer devices flying off the shelves in the millions and the new options of ground and water vehicles which are following close behind them. But as the number of vehicles grows exponentially, the challenges of managing safe and responsible usage in an environment that is seeing increasing regulation are mounting. But to regulate or manage these vehicles - you must first know where they are operating. Currently Radar and IFF are used to detect manned aerial vehicles. Neither operate well with medium to small UAVs and not at all with other vehicle types.
Drone Detection Solution's vision is to be the industry's leading provider of drone detection and management systems that meet each unique market need no matter the size.
Our approach to this problem is to use a multi-sensor platform to focus on control and telemetry signals, with additional sensors to address physical detection (such as video and audio) as the product continues its evolution. The system is designed to operate remotely and to provide a data feed for use with our graphical interface or to interface with customers' existing systems, with an additional focus on cloud based data storage and analysis.

About Us

Drone Detection Solutions

Drones have fast become a normal occurrence in our daily environments and continue
to develop at an impressive but alarming rate.
Their existence offers all means of recreational and commercial opportunities that
allow for innocent and not so innocent abilities in and around our busy and hectic lives.

Whilst their existence in certain environments are more than acceptable, there are
times and situations that require our skies to be free and protected from the invasion to
the privacy and security you may require. The following solution offers that ability.

Our Technology

DS-8 Drone Scanner

DS-8 User Interface

The DS-8 Drone Detection Solution employs a multi-sensor platform to detect the presence of UAV activity in the vicinity of the detector
and its "shield".

The DS-8 focus is primarily on the existence of Radio Frequency, Wifi control and telemetry signals as the first layer of analysis to determine drone activity utilising a specially designed antenna array.

Configured with expansion options that include an acoustic sensor, tuned to monitor drone audio signals in addition to a video signal sensor that detects the presence of First Person View (FPV) video transmission from the aircraft to the controller.

Future expansion allows for additional sensors and detection methodologies that can be added as they become available.
Using proprietary algorithms the DS-8 evaluates the input from the collective sources to determine a matching "fingerprint" indicating a drone presence and relative location.

Using a browser based User Interface (UI), designed with ease of setup to operate as stand alone or attached to the cloud viewed via phone, tablet or computer, the system can provide remote detection notification via text, voice messaging or email.

Further Benefits Include

Web Based User Interface For All Platforms.
Human and Machine Learning.
Built to Handle Single or Multiple Units.
Easy Integration with Legacy Systems.
Proprietary Antenna System.
CE Marked & UL Listed.
Mobile and Permanent Usage.
Power Over Ethernet.

DDS-8 Features

Detection Range:
Detection Type:
Directional Resolution:
Customizable Detection Distance:
White Listing of Known Drones:
Detection Data Logging:
Hardware Integration Interface:
Remote Detection Notification:
Typical Use:

Up to 2km
RF, WiFi, Audio
Octant and GPS on Select Drone Models
Yes - Select Drone Models
Yes - Unit/Site/Cloud
Text, Voice, Email
Wired & Wireless
Mobile or Permanently Mounted

User Interface Functionaility

Browser Based.
PC, Tablet & Phone Accessible.
Full Mapping with Live Map.
Drone & Controller GPS Location Mapping (where available).
Multi Unit Management Console.
FPV Intercept & Display.


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Industrial espionage, terrorism, and activist activity are real threats that businesses deal with on a daily basis, not to mention the potential for invasion of privacy. With us, your board of directors, shareholders and VIP’s can rest easy knowing their assets and privacy are best protected as they can be. Whether you want to protect an industrial facility, corporate office building, key executives, or anything else, we have you covered.

Government Buildings
Industrial Sites
Movie Sets
Outdoor Venues and Stadiums
Private Residencies
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