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We’re looking for trusted resellers to work with us to bring A.I.M products to market. We have industry-leading anti drone detection and defence solutions and the technical expertise to match; you have the existing market presence and commercial know-how to significantly extend our reach.

Together, we can bring proven, reliable, high-performance drone detection and mitigation to individuals and organisations that are looking for anti-drone protection right now but don’t know where to look.

Working with A.I.M gives you the opportunity to get involved in a nascent market that is just starting to gather serious momentum, with the promise of enormous expansion in years to come.

Become a partner

Why work with us?

Sell market-leading products

A.I.M offers a unique and diverse range of proven high-quality products, including long-range drone detection systems and the only mitigation technology guaranteed to stop drones mid-flight.

Expand your brand reputation

People and businesses are more concerned about privacy and security than ever before. Supplying workable solutions for a growing threat to privacy and security will help you build serious collateral as a brand your customers can trust.

Boost your bottom line

The commercial drone market is predicted to grow nearly five-fold between 2020 and 2026.* That’s a lot of extra drones in our skies. We expect the drone defence market to grow in tandem with the increase in the number of drones being flown, creating significant opportunities for revenue growth.

Work with leading global brands

The market for drone defence solutions is dominated by major corporations, public authorities and high net worth individuals. A.I.M. already works with major names in infrastructure, aviation, maritime, sport, entertainment and more. We offer our partners the chance to build on these relationships.

Get direct support from experts in the field

You might not yet know a lot about drone defence, but we do. As one of our channel partners, we will be with you every step of the way, providing specialist sales and product training and supporting you in becoming the trusted voice your clients turn to.

Become part of a growing solution

New drones are hitting the market daily with new capabilities and features, the future landscape of drones is only going to get bigger and more advanced. But, as the drone technology develops, so does the drone defence technology. Work alongside our technology to help us progress and remain at the forefront of drone detection and mitigation solutions.

To find out more about becoming an A.I.M partner, contact us using the form above, or alternatively, give us a call to speak directly to one of our team.

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